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 Lauren Grisanti, M.Ac.,
L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. 

Owner + Acupuncturist    

now accepting new patients

My treatments are rooted in the understanding that acupuncture should set people free from unnecessary suffering. I strive to help patients re-write what’s possible around their bodies and well-being through a gentile and assertive approach. By acknowledging physical and emotional health are directly linked, I hope to connect patients to their innate capacity to heal.  


My intention is to develop a collaborative partnership with each patient, where we both play an active role in your healing progress, leaving you feeling safe, supported, and empowered. 

I see one patient at a time, allowing me to remain fully present with you in all aspects of your treatment and maintain a consistent quality of care.


While my formal training spans several styles and techniques under the Traditional Chinese Medicine umbrella, I have a deep admiration for and connection to Five Element Acupuncture. I have personally witnessed the profound results this particular style of acupuncture has provided countless patients, and it is the primary style I employ in my practice. I also incorporate trigger point therapy, Tui Na (Chinese medical massage), moxibustion (moxa), essential oils, gua sha, and cupping modalities in my treatments. 

I am a nationally certified and New York State licensed acupuncturist, holding a Master's degree from Pacific College of Health Sciences, where I am also currently completing my Doctorate degree. 

In my post-graduate studies, I’ve had the privilege to train with Jasmine Stine, L.Ac., a seasoned Five Element practitioner, and am currently pursuing continued education with Lonny Jarrett.


While I maintain a general practice, I am passionate about working with mental-emotional concerns, chronic musculoskeletal pain, reproductive health/fertility, and those going through big life transitions or moments of change.

My work is a reflection of my commitment to my own health and constant desire to learn new treatment approaches. 

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  Jasmine Stine, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dip.O.M.  

Founder, Herbalist

Jasmine (she/her) is a second generation Licensed Acupuncturist and Board Certified Clinical Herbalist. She founded Upright Qi in 2018 with a focus on healing our relationship to ourselves, to our culture, and to the natural world.


She is currently on an extended sabbatical, studying Canonical Chinese herbalism at the Institute for Classics In East Asian Medicine under Dr. Arnaud Versluys and pursing creative interests and group work.


at williamsburg bridge

141 south 5th street office west
buzzer #4
brooklyn, ny 11211


clinic hours

mon 9am - 12pm
tues 9am - 3:30pm
weds 2pm - 8pm
thurs 4pm - 8pm
sun 1:30pm-8pm

virtual session scheduling flexible
on request

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